Security Entrance Solutions by Boon Edam

Security Entrance Solutions by Boon Edam

A solution for every application
Boon Edam offers a range of security entrance solutions that is unmatched in the marketplace today. From
simple and durable crowd control turnstiles to aesthetically appealing optical turnstiles and security doors with sophisticated detection sensors, we can solve virtually any security need.

Security access
Boon Edam’s security access solutions allow you to effectively monitor and control the flow of pedestrians into
and around your premises. All products can interface with any access control system throughout the world. We work
closely with security system providers to ensure seamless integration and trouble-free operation.
Many of our products are designed to work with other products at the same location to address separate needs,
such as handicapped access. In all cases, you will find attention to detail, durable construction, and a commitment to safety and ease of operation.

Security revolving doors
Security revolving doors eliminate tailgating and piggybacking while maintaining a high throughput. They include sophisticated sensor systems to ensure single person entry per authorization, eliminating the need for manned security at access points.
Our Tourlock security revolving doors integrate with any access control system and
provide fast, reliable security at your entrance. Overhead infrared sensors make
contact floor mats unnecessary, enabling installation on a finished floor for quick
and easy renovation projects.
Available in a wide variety of finishes to match its surroundings, the Tourlock can
be found at entrances to corporate headquarters, government buildings and data

Tourlock 180+90
The Tourlock 180+90 is a four-wing, fully automatic
revolving door offering the advantage of simultaneous
bi-directional authorized traffic for high traffic applications.
• Simultaneous, bi-directional traffic
• 4-wing automatic operation
• 24 people per minute, per direction
• Prevents tailgating/unauthorized entry
• Optional StereoVision prevents piggybacking
• Compatible with all access control systems
• Fail-safe operation for emergency egress
• Installs on finished floor (no recess required)

Tourlock 120
The Tourlock 120 is an attractively priced, threewing
security revolving door that accomodates single
direction traffic flows and increased comfort due to larger

Tourlock 120 revolving security doors provide a high level of
security while supporting an impressive throughput.
Low maintenance, high security and cost effectiveness make
this automatic revolving door ideal for many applications.
Available models:
• 120A – Automatic bi-directional operation
• 120M – Manual bi-directional operation
• 120S – Automatic, one-way only (airport terminal exit)
• 15-20 people per minute, one direction at a time*
• Prevents tailgating/unauthorized entry
• Compatible with all access control systems
• Fail-safe operation for emergency egress
• Installs on finished floor (no recess required)

Security portals
Security portals directly control pedestrian passage into sensitive areas with low throughput requirements. They feature interlocking doors that allow only one user to enter at a time and can support a second level of access control verification inside the portal to allow entry into the secured area.Our full line of security portals can be found in banks, data centers, government buildings and entrances where only authorized persons are allowed.
Every situation has specific requirements and we offer numerous possibilities for increasing the security level, such as pressure sensitive mats, Stereovision antipiggybacking technology, and bullet resistant glass.

The Circlelock offers a high level of security balanced with ease and speed of operation. Designed to integrate with all types of authorization and verifications systems, the Circlelock is available in two sizes to accomodate various traffic requirements.

Two curved sliding doors
The Circlelock consists of two sliding doors, which will open one after the other, creating an interlocking security portal.The Circlelock is a bi-directional security door allowing entry and exit in turn.

Security systems
The following security systems are available with the Circlelock to verify the authorized user is alone in the door:
• StereoVison
• Weight system

These security systems are linked to a built-in control unit, which determines whether the second door will open or not. The Circlelock will generate an audible and visible alarm in all possible alarm situations, including any attempts to sabotage the door. The doors can be locked to close the entrance completely, whenever required.

TAP security portals
Boon Edam’s line of TAP Security Portals offers a wide range of solutions to accomodate the needs of any sensitive application, whether it be new contruction or existing buildings. A Boon Edam representative can discuss with you the options (below) and models that are ideal for your situation.

Security options
• Vandal and bullet-resistant glass to BR3
• Metal detection
• Built-in call button and intercom
• Remote control panel
• 2-hour battery backup system
• Mechanical release lever
• Two-zone presence mat
• Interior access control housing
• Floor installation kits for existing buildings
• Handicapped access
• Ultrasonic security sensor

Optical turnstiles
Optical turnstiles combine security access with rapid throughput and are especially effective in areas where large numbers of people need to be monitored.With anti-tailgating sensor technology ranging from simple to sophisticated, they provide discreet control of the flow of visitors or employees when linked with
access control systems.

Boon Edam offers a wide range of optical turnstiles to suit many security and throughput requirements, such as waist high and full height barriers, sophisticated sensor arrays to accuracy detect tailgating and a variety of barrier styles.

Applications for optical turnstiles include lobbies and more secure areas within corporate, governmental and financial offices, museums, and airport or seaport passenger terminals.

Speedlane 2048
The Speedlane 2048 is a sleek, barrier free optical turnstile ideal for supervised, upscale lobbies. Featuring 12 sensors in a matrix formation and bi-directional access control, this optical turnstile combines high throughput with accurate tailgating detection and neglible false alarms.

• Small cabinet footprint
• High throughput of 50-60 people per minute
• LCD user interface in cabinet top
• ADA width lanes available
• Optional external control panel

Speedlane 300
The Speedlane 300 is a compact, barrier optical turnstile that offers efficient traffic flow in two directions. Its stylish, illuminated angel wing barriers change colors to indicate the status of the lane to the user. With its compact footprint and sleek all-stainless finish, the Speedlane 300 is a practical barrier solution to suit any budget.

Available options
• Red/green indicator lights in the top of the unit indicating authorization feedback
• Adaptations for integration of proximity or other card reader
• External control panel

Speedlane 900
The Speedlane 900 is a versatile optical turnstile that offers elegant curved cabinets in a variety of finishes to suit any decor. The sliding glass panels are available in several heights and retract quickly and easily into the cabinet to allow authorized users to pass. Features high capacity throughput of 25-30 people per minute.

Available options
• ADA width lanes
• Cabinet extensions for additional tailgating detection
• Full height glass for added security

Swinglane 900
The Swinglane 900 uses bi-directional, swinging glass panels and a long detection path to prevent tailgating.
Featuring a visually open glass and stainless steel design, the Swinglane creates a visually attractive but secure entrance for almost any reception environment.

Available options
• ADA width lanes
• Single or double panels

Speedlane 996
The Speedlane 996 offers the most advanced tailgating sensor technology available: a high-density beam detection
matrix that allows up to 30 people per minute with up to 1/4 tailgating detection. ADA lane width is available on all models.

Versatile cabinets and barriers
The Speedlane 996 is available with several cabinet styles
and barriers:
• Narrow, 9-inch wide cabinet with drop arm barriers
• Elliptical cabinet with waist high or full height sliding glass panels
• Straightline cabinet with sliding waist high panels or retracting angel wing panels

All models include interactive LCD user interface (see photo shown with Speedlane 2048).

Full height turnstiles
Boon Edam offers a variety of full height turnstile models, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use in unsupervised areas. Designed to integrate with any access control system, these products are ideal for corporate car parks, transit stations, amusement and leisure parks, playgrounds and stadiums.


The THT-100 is a mechanically or electrically operated
turnstile that can control traffic in one or two directions.
Single and space-saving tandem (double passage) models
are available and an optional side gate can be used to
provide access for wheelchairs, bicycles or dollies.

Available options
• 3-wing or 4-wing configuration
• Tandem unit (double passage)
• Choice of finishes: galvanized steel, powder coat,
stainless steel with aluminum arms, all stainless steel
• Mantrap (two-step authorization)

Tandem turnstiles

Boon Edam’s tandem turnstiles combine the function and
throughput benefits of two single turnstiles into one spacesaving
unit. The diameter is only 8 feet, vs. the 10 feet of
two single turnstiles. A seven foot version is also available
for smaller openings.

Full height models with tandem configuration:
• THT-100, all finishes
• THT-100EL

Transparent turnstiles

Boon Edam’s transparent turnstiles combine inpenetrability
with aesthetic appeal.

The THT-100EL features clear arms and a curved
polycarbonate shield assembly that provides the finished
look of a revolving door.

Available options
• 3-wing or 4-wing configuration
• Tandem unit (double passage)

The THT-100CSTG features three, large clear panels for each
rotor section, instead of multiple individual arms, providing a
unique, streamlined appearance.


The THT-100ASTG is a highly attractive, versatile turnstile
designed for many years of reliable service. Fabricated from
heavy gauge anodized aluminum, it features extruded arms
and clear panel shields.

Available options
• Tandem unit (double passage)
• Single or dual shield
• Metal detection with dual shield
• Several color schemes available

Waist high turnstiles

With simple and robust mechanisms and a wide range of operating parameters,
Boon Edam’s complete line of waist high turnstiles effectively separate non-secured
and secured areas. A choice of operating modes in each direction provides scope for
single or two-direction control and a range of models is available to suit virtually any

All turnstile models are highly reliable, space efficient security barriers, yet offer
capacity to integrate with an access control system, display, counter or token
operation. The cabinets are simple to install, either directly onto the finished floor,
mounted on walls or even on temporary portable floors.

Our waist high turnstiles can be found in applications such as stadiums and arenas,
recreation and amusements parks, and retail and office reception areas.

Architectural turnstiles


The TST-75 is designed for abusive, high volume control
applications where an aesthetic barrier is preferred. A
wide variety of architectural finishes are available to suit
any facade. The TST-75 has electrical operation to enable
bi-directional traffic control.

Available options
• Round nose cabinet
• Extended arms
• Cabinet available in stainless steel, brass or bronze
• Drop arm for emergency egress

Transpalock 900

Our Transpalock 900 three-wing glass turnstile is an
attractive security product that controls passage without
creating an obtrusive barrier. With tempered glass and
stainless steel construction, this product blends in
beautifully with many surroundings.

• Bi-directional traffic, one direction at a time
• Fully automatic, or push and go operation
• Available enclosures are tubular stainless steel frame or
curved toughened glass
• Integrates with any access control system

Crowd control turnstiles

Boon Edam’s selection of crowd control turnstiles are
well suited for public areas and abusive conditions. Their
sturdy construction and numerous options enable easy
customization to suit the specific needs of any venue.


The TUT-50 is a compact, basic unit, mechanically or
electrically operated with an optional mechanical counter.
The compact mechanism housing can be wall or pedestal
mounted. Options are mechanical with counter, electrical,
and electrical with coin/token collection.


The TUT-60 is an attractively finished, mid-sized barrier,
suited for high volume, abusive conditions. The compact
cabinet makes it easy to construct a multi-lane setup.
Available in mechanical, electrical, and token/coin collection
models. Portability package optional.

Access gates & barriers

Usually used in conjunction with Boon Edam waist high and full height turnstile
products, access gates and barriers are designed to complete security barrier
installations by providing access to handicapped pedestrians or carts and dollies.

Our access gates are available in manual and automatic versions and are ideal for use where controlled bypass of waist high turnstiles or optical turnstiles is required.


The sleek glass design and architectural styling of the
Winglock 900 is a perfect complement to Boon Edam’s
barrier optical turnstiles. The Winglock creates an effective
but unobtrusive barrier and is also ideal as a preliminary
barrier for the screening process.

• Compatible with any access control system
• Bi-directional, one user at a time
• Software programmable via PDA unit
• Access can be granted via optional external control panel


The THG-42 is a cost-effective, manually operated gate
equipped with an electric lock. Constructed from stainless
steel framed polycarbonate and mounted on a floor closer to
ensure self-centering, bi-directional operation, the THG 42 is
a simple, robust product for use in most environments and
is an excellent complement to our waist high turnstiles.

• One-way 90º swing
• Compatible with any access control system
• Available in anodized aluminum, powder coated steel,
bronze, brass or mirror finished steel


The Twinglock is similar to the Winglock, however, it
features two glass panels instead of one. The smaller panels
open and close quickly to offer higher security and more
efficient traffic flow. Several sensors are integrated into the
stainless steel frame to detect whether users are passing or
standing still.

• Compatible with any access control system
• Bi-directional, one user at a time
• Software programmable via PDA unit
• Access can be granted via optional external control panel


The THG-51EL provides an ADA-compliant, transparent
accessway that perfectly complements the THT-100EL
full-height turnstile. Constructed from 2” square anodized
aluminum tubing and a clear, 3/8” Lexan panel, all materials
meet ASTM standards. The gate is locked by a 24VDC
doorstrike or optional magnetic lock. A hydraulic overhead
closer returns the gate swing panel to the locked position
after use. A stainless steel piano hinge ensures free and easy
movement of the gate section.

• Compatible with any access control system
• Bi-directional, one user at a time


The THG-51E provides handicap access into installations
using full height security turnstiles and access control. Gate
height of 86 matches turnstiles, and a clear opening of
34 exceeds minimum ADA requirements. Gate swing is
90º on a continuous stainless steel hinge. Final width and
height can be customized for individual applications.

• Compatible with any access control system
• Bi-directional, one user at a time