Integrated Building Automation

Integrated Building Automation

The integrated building automation concept

PC-based control technology from Beckhoff, which has already been used successfully for almost
three decades in all areas of industrial automation, has become an integral component of intelligent
building automation. The functionalities are integrated based on a holistic building auto mation
concept so that all the benefi ts with regard to integration of the automation, minimisation of capital
cost, optimisation of maintenance and increased energy effi ciency can be utilised.

Maximum fl exibility with software-based
Scalable control technology from Industrial PC up to local Ethernet controllers control
Bus Terminal system for connection of all data points
Advantages of integrated building automation
– universal solution based on a transparent automation system
– central data management
– added value through integration of all services in a single system and utilisation of synergy effects for energy saving
– Extension and modifi cation of the system in order to adapt it to changing technical requirements is straightforward over the whole life cycle.

Architects and planners
– IP-based network confi guration facilitates integration of the automation system into the building infrastructure already during the design phase.
– free choice of topology, depending on the requirements in a particular building
– Integrated design is simplifi ed through fl exible application of input/output modules, independent of the control system and function.

System integrators
– Reduction of the number of actual physical data points reduces the potential for errors during installation and commissioning.
– transparent access to the whole system for display/processing of parameters
– simplifi ed maintenance and optimisation of the system
– seamless integration of room automation with the primary systems