EXOS 9300 – Access control

EXOS 9300 – Access control

The demands which must be met by access control systems are on the steady increase. They have to cover a number of fields such as the organization of complex flows of personnel traffic creating varying security zones and also recording of access events and alarms in real time.

These multiple requirements can only be met by a new-generation, all-round solution.

Kaba exos is such a solution. It ensures functionality, convenience and automated management, enabling you to not only enhance security, but at the same time lower your operating costs.

Kaba exos – Access control module:

– Controlling Access
Individual access rights and a high security level are not conflicting interests. With Kaba exos you can grant individual access rights, thereby ensuring blanket organization of who can go where and when whitin the company. In addition you can decide at which times verification with a PIN code or biometry is necessary. Kaba exos provides you with fully flexible and discreet control of all access aspects, which enhances your security profile.

– Automated Alarm Management
You can only react promtly to unforeseen events if your access system continuously commenicates data – and reacts immediately to security-related occurrences. Kaba exos therefore offers a comprehensive range of alarm management features. It automatically forwards signals and initiates pre-defined processes. The alarms can also be individually defined and evaluated, increasing efficiency and process reliability.

– Security to Suit Your Needs
Different areas of a company require different leveles of security. With your access strategy you can effortlessly dictate where and when special access functions are activated. Kaba exos maximum access control flexibility.

– Ensuring Traceability
With Kaba exos you not only control the present, but also the past. All actions are automatically and cetrally recorede and can be viewed in the system at all times. You can therefore be assured of seamless information on all events related to access and security. In addition to all round traceability, our access control system also provides reviewable documentation.