Good Light LED Lights

Good Light LED Lights

No need to change your fixtures or light fittings. Our commercial LED lighting allows you to simply plug in and start saving. As the pioneers in retrofit LED since 2006, our technology is light years ahead. Our lamps are better equipped for superior light performance. They can dim, rotate, stay on during an emergency and switch off when no one is around.

Intelligent, integrated LED fixtures?
As well as lamps, our exceptional integrated LED fixtures have built-in intelligence that detect movement, turn off, dim and stay on in an emergency. With payback from as little as six months, using our commercial LED lighting solutions you will be amazed how much you can save on costs, maintenance and carbon.

Revolutionary new vent ducts which create maximum airflow around the lamp ensuring that the heat is drawn away from the LED, therefore significantly improving reliability, consistancy and performance of the lamp.

Our G360™ LED lamps retrofit into existing fittings, replacing traditional sodium, metal halide and HID lamps up to 250W. Suitable for applied lighting, warehousing, storage, industrial, exteriors, street lighting, bollards and belisha beacons.

In client testing, time and time again Goodlight™ LEDs have won out over other products in design, build quality, performance, efficiency and value. More and more customers are turning to us to provide LED lighting solutions for their entire property portfolios.