Intercom 2.0 Wallmount Stations

Intercom 2.0 Wallmount Stations

Web 2.0 provides excellent, fast support in our day-to-day exchange of information in
a networked world. It’s become a synonym for virtual social networks and has greatly influenced the way people all over the world communicate today.

In many ways, Commend Intercom is very similar: it, too, is about communication and interaction, networking and state-of-the-art IP technology. However, there is one crucial
aspect that puts Intercom in a class of its own: its premise to utilise communication technologies to help protect the security of people and valuables – in every situation – with failure-proof reliability.

That is why the development of Intercom 2.0 was guided by one central thought: how can we make the best possible use of today’s best technologies to give people an even
greater reassurance of closeness, comfort and security in challenging situations?

Have a look at the following pages to see for yourself the amazing new possibilities for wallmount stations that Commend has come up with in response to that question.

Intercom 2.0 puts a face to the voice
For Commend, every word counts – in real-time and in excellent sound quality, across any
distance. More directly and clearly than ever before, thanks to new Intercom video functionality.
For a new form of communication. For a whole world of new possibilities.

Intercom 2.0 – At your service throughout your call
The more powerful Intercom systems become, the easier these powerful features must be to use and control.
The innovative menu control of WS call stations with built-in graphic display, for example, keep users informed
about their next options at every step in an intuitive, interactive and visually appealing manner.

Intercom 2.0: Taking a stand against attacks
Carefully selected, durable materials protect our call stations against any form of physical violence.
No matter if it’s just a prank or premeditated vandalism, Intercom terminals by Commend come fully
prepared for any eventuality.

Intercom 2.0 works under all conditions
The applications of Intercom are varied and wide-ranging — and so are the demands on its
devices. That’s why they come ready prepared for all ambient conditions, from dust to rain, from
frost to snow and heat. After all, we cannot choose where we want our Intercom systems to
provide their trademark reliability.


– Intercom stations with TFT or LCD display
– Rear-illuminated standard keypad and function keys
– IP 65 rating
– Material plastic
– Extension modules for even more functions


Multi-functional Master Stations for indoor and outdoor use. In addition to
communication, the stations also allow for the control of other systems. In the in-house training rooms, for example, the beamer can be switched on, the light switched off and the blinds shut – all via the wallmount station.