Pro-Watch® – Security Management System

Pro-Watch® – Security Management System

The Pro-Watch Security Management Software Suite from Honeywell is available in three scalable, cost effective Editions that provide a convenient growth path from small to mid-size systems to global enterprise solutions. The Pro-Watch platform offers a complete security management solution
including: access control, alarm monitoring, video badging, and CCTV system interface.

Honeywell is committed to providing security management systems that exceed the standards required by today’s0 security professionals. When effective collaboration with your organization’s information technology staff is critical to your success, you can be assured that Pro-Watch is the right
choice. Honeywell has earned Microsoft’s Gold Certified Partner status and Pro-Watch is the only security management software that holds both the Windows® 2000 Professional and Windows® 2000/2003 Server certifications.

The Enterprise Edition of Pro-Watch expands the envelope of system capability to truly global proportions by providing the flexibility to manage your enterprise-wide security system from
a single point while maintaining local operational autonomy.

Pro-Watch Enterprise Edition offers information sharing and remote administration of hardware between Regional Servers.The powerful enterprise functionality provides efficient centralized
control and management of a global security system without sacrificing local operational autonomy.

In the Enterprise Model, one Enterprise Server provides global management of a number of discrete, independent Regional Server systems. The Regional Servers can function independently
as local databases and communication servers while sharing
information with the Enterprise Server. The Enterprise Server acts
as a central storage area for all system configurations. In addition,
it can also store cardholder information, hardware information and
transaction history. The Enterprise server is the hub for information
sharing and system-wide reporting while also providing additional
value in disaster recovery planning. This gives corporate security
managers full viewing control over central alarm monitoring,
reporting and auditing functionality.


• Central cardholder and badging database allows an operator in any region (or at the Enterprise Server) to view and modify cardholder data and replicate throughout the system while maintaining regional security boundaries
• Existing Pro-Watch Corporate Edition system can be easily integrated into an Enterprise without loss of data or history
• A single uniform application program can be used to install and configure the Enterprise Server, Regional Server and all client workstations
• Synchronization between Enterprise and Regional servers ensures the integrity of data throughout the enterprise
• Activate or deactivate a card from anywhere in the Enterprise, while having the card’s status updated at all of the regions and their associated controllers
• Provides the ability to service alarms and report on their status from any
region, covering the entire Enterprise
• Supports an unlimited number of users and readers
• Uses Microsoft® SQL Server 2000/2005 and Windows 2000 or 2003 Server for the Operating System

Multi-Database Synchronization
At periodic intervals, each of the Regional Servers performs a synchronization process with the Enterprise Server using wide area network communication. All access control field and event
information, updated cardholder information plus clearance code and transaction history is uploaded to the Enterprise Server. The Enterprise Server then distributes any changes received from other Regional Servers, so that all servers can operate with up-to-date information.

Scalability for Multi-National Sites Pro-Watch Enterprise Edition is scalable, which makes it
ideal for any size installation. Enterprise supports an unlimited number of Regional Servers and client workstations without system degradation. As an organization grows, the powerful, transactionbased architecture of the Enterprise Model permits the system to grow and expand, while utilizing the same access control field hardware and application software.

Third Party Human Resource Interface Pro-Watch Enterprise’s advanced interfacing capabilities
facilitate bidirectional communication with third party databases (such as PeopleSoft® human resources systems) to transfer cardholder information. Updates occur in real-time, and cardholder information is automatically downloaded to all associated access panels. If an employee is hired, for example,
the information is transferred from the HR system to Pro-Watch, which automatically adds all access rights for the cardholder and downloads the required information to the access
controllers. This saves significant administrative time by eliminating repetitive data entry.

A Single Card Enterprise Solution
With Pro-Watch Enterprise Edition, each cardholder carries a single ID card that is usable at all regional sites in the system.Once the cardholder database has been distributed to the
regions the regional administrators can assign unique access levels for those cardholders who are allowed at that regional site. Pro-Watch Enterprise’s advanced security enables system
administrators and operators to assign access levels for only those card readers that belong to their respective regions.

Multi-Region Monitoring and Administration
The power and flexibility of Pro-Watch Enterprise Edition allows system operators to monitor alarms in multiple regions simultaneously. This means that regional operators can monitor alarm and event information locally during working hours while Enterprise operators can monitor alarms from all of the regions after hours. An unlimited number of regions can be monitored
simultaneously. Pro-Watch Enterprise Edition also allows Enterprise system administrators to configure and administer multiple regions from a single site.

Powerful Regional Server Options
Pro-Watch servers are available in three versions that correspond to the size and complexity of the security system.The LRS option is designed for low usage systems with fewer
than 10,000 transactions per day and seven clients. The MRS is designed to serve 15 clients and process up to 50,000 transactions per day and the HRS with quad processor to accommodate the highest volume system usage. Each of these models can function independently as a Regional Server
or be enabled to perform as the system’s Enterprise Server.Pro-Watch Integration with DVM
DVM is tightly integrated with Pro-Watch Security Management.Software to provide seamless alarm and event activated recording, ensuring that the video you capture is the video you
need. With the power of digital recording, all images are stored in a quickly searchable database, meaning you will never have to waste time searching through old videotapes. DVM intelligently captures video, utilizing video motion detection for activation of recordings and initiating alarms. Incidents that take place prior to the alarm are also recorded, ensuring you never miss vital events. For enhanced security, all video is digitally signed, with a complete audit trail of all operator actions and system events.

Integration with LobbyWorks™
Database integration between LobbyWorks™ and Pro-Watch.
Badges issued and assigned through LobbyWorks can easily
be tracked using Pro-Watch database.