SeeTec 5 Software for Video Security

SeeTec 5 Software for Video Security

Back in 1998, SeeTec developed a special application for the video surveillance
market, with the world’s first network based camera management software. In the meantime, thanks to its flexibility, innovation and reliability, IP video has developed into the ground-breaking technology in this market and with SeeTec, you are dealing with one of the leading suppliers in this segment.

SeeTec offers the optimum solution for each application, from small projects with a maximum of five cameras right up to large installations with several thousand video sources and interfaces to many third-party systems.

SeeTec 5 is one of the most powerful software products in the video surveillance market. On
the hardware side, it is manufacturer-neutral and supports network cameras from all market-
leading manufacturers. SeeTec 5 adapts flexibly to the corresponding system requirements
and is more powerful and significantly more cost-effective than all other standard
video equipment. Already existing analogue components can be integrated into the network
technology without any problem. Thirdparty systems such as fire detection, intrusion
detection and access control systems can be integrated and controlled through a wide range of interfaces.

With SeeTec 5, video surveillance has increased functionality and flexibility, while maintaining
high levels of cost-efficiency. SeeTec customers enjoy the benefits of network-based
video surveillance and video solutions in the industrial, retail, health, finance and logistics
sectors as well as in the monitoring of town centres or car parks, often spread over several
locations. SeeTec solutions are also deployed for logging the progress of building projects
or for monitoring work processes. Many wellknown companies and organisations around the world count on SeeTec when it comes to implementing their video surveillance projects.

Network-based video surveillance with SeeTec 5: Your advantages at a glance.

SeeTec 5 is flexible and scalable
SeeTec software is manufacturer-neutral and supports edge devices from all leading
camera and hardware manufacturers.This allows different devices from several manufacturers to be combined,in order to meet the requirements of the project in the best possible way. There
are also interfaces to a large number of third-party applications, such as fire
detection, access control or building management systems. In addition, as a genuine client/server solution, SeeTec 5 is easily scalable and suited for projects from one camera right up to several
thousand edge devices. As the system can be extended very simply and can grow as the project requirements grow, it offers maximum security of investment for the future.

SeeTec 5 offers tailored solution packages
The options offered by network-based video management systems cover much more than just the displaying,
storage and archiving of image data. Additional modules such as the SeeTec number plate recognition or
the SeeTec Analytics product range facilitate an automatic pre-qualification of events, significantly reducing the load on security staff. SeeTec also offers software modules for certain vertical markets such as finance, retail and logistics, which when integrated with the company‘s business processes,
make event searching much quicker. As a result, tailored solutions save valuable resources.

SeeTec 5 is powerful and innovative Whether it is H.264, megapixel cameras or multi-streaming, SeeTec is always happy to lead the way by supporting new technologies. SeeTec’s philosophy is to integrate new software and hardware components as deeply and thoroughly as possible, in order to give the user access to the complete function spectrum. Through the modular software design and the underlying client/server architecture, SeeTec systems are also very powerful and as a result, allow pan-location projects to be established using several, distributed servers.

SeeTec 5 is reliable Countless well-known companies and organisations in Europe and beyond trust in the stability and reliability of our software, made in Germany. The years of experience built on a large number of successfully deployed projects make SeeTec one of the leading video management solutions worldwide. Even in the after sales stage, SeeTec customers enjoy professional support through certified partners as well as directly from the SeeTec Support Team. With our service model, the video system always stays at the cutting edge of technology.