VCA Solutions Matrix

VCA Solutions Matrix


VIRTUAL FENCING is used to generate a video alarm if a vehicle or individual crosses a virtual line. The system is capable of categorising objects and can determine the direction of objects. It is a very useful means with which to guard large areas where physical fences are not an option. In addition, the system is also used for high risk objects in combination with physical fences.

STOPPED CAR DETECTION is used to generate a video alarm if a vehicle comes to a standstill on a through road. This solution is deployed to automatically detect deviating behaviour on through roads during the quiet (nighttime) hours and to locate
illegally parked cars. This application is also suitable for the detection of tailbacks.

LEFT OBJECT DETECTION is used to set off an alarm if an object, a bag for example, is located in a public area for a prolonged period without any person being present. This
application is mainly suitable for timely spotting a potentially dangerous situation. This solution is based on the same algorithm that is used in Stopped Car Detection.

LOITERING is used to detect persons that loiter for a long period in a pre-defined area, in the vicinity of a cash dispenser or a car park. This application works well in combination with Close Up Tracking.

CLOSE UP TRACKING is used to automatically monitor moving objects on screen. An intelligent camera detects all moving objects on screen, which are then portrayed up close by means of a PTZ camera. It is possible to adjust both the duration of the close up as well as the type of object (human, scooter, car). This is an excellent solution for the completely automatic inspection of large areas, such as car parks and outdoor

VIRTUAL GATING is used to realise the automatic access control of vehicles on the basis of specific object features such as colour and form. This application can be
combined with automatic license plate recognition (ALPR).

TAILGATING is used for the automatic detection of the unauthorised access of vehicles to premises by means of tailgating.

REAL TIME VIDEO STABILISATION is used to digitally stabilise video images. This makes it possible to correct shaky and blurred images caused by vibrating camera
masts. Video stabilisation has ergonomical advantages for the observer as the quality of live and recorded images is improved.

VEHICLE COUNTING is used to detect the number of incoming and outgoing vehicles on a certain road or at a certain gate fully automatically, including the corresponding statistical account. It is also possible to distinguish between the type of vehicle. This application
is used for traffic counts and parking garages.

PEOPLE COUNTING is used to detect the number of incoming and outgoing persons at a certain location fully automatically. This application can be supplied with the corresponding statistics. This application is used during special events and at shopping malls.

VIDEOMINER is an intelligent search application in which 3000X real time objects are searched for in existing digital video files on the basis of various search templates. As a
result, a high level of efficiency and a great gaining of time is achieved in the field of video criminal investigation. A search template may consist of various criteria,
including direction, the object tracked, speed, size, colour, objects at a standstill and objects driving away.