Zenitel Intercom Systems

Zenitel Intercom Systems

One of the specialty in Critical Communications over IP (CCoIP). These have features and functions so advanced their systems have been implemented and proven in the most demanding of environments.

ETB/CTB Talk-Back – Type Approved Internal Communications
Our Talk-Back System comprise a central unit and a comprehensive range of substations and other field equipment for use indoors, outdoors, and in noisy areas on marine vessels

AlphaCom – IP and analog Intercom Server System
Vingtor-Stentofon AlphaCom XE is the most powerful and flexible communication platform on the market enabling your security system to act in the most effective and fastest possible way during critical situations

ACM – Integrated Maritime Communication Systems
Our type approved ACM system unites and enhances a vessel’s safety systems by providing outstanding on-board communication.

Pro700 – Exchangeless Intercom System
Pro700 is an exchangeless intercom system that provides immediate connection from any master station to any other master or substation.

VSP – Batterlyless Telephone
Our batteryless system is independent of the installations power supply and fulfils the demands for emergency communication between vital positions.

Bi-Way – Counter Intercom
The Bi-Way system solves the communication problem between people on both sides of security glass partitions.